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Deep tissue massage is great therapy for breaking up and eliminating scar tissue from previous injuries. The deep tissue massage delivered by one of our therapist in Kanata, Almonte, and Carleton

Deep tissue massage is one of the most beneficial as well as misunderstood techniques our massage therapists in Almonte, Kanata, and Carleton Place utilize. A deep tissue massage from our

In the fourth of our series examining the ways in which massages keep Ottawa-area residents healthy, we’re examining how massage therapy enhances your lifestyle. If you have missed any in

Previously we’ve taken a look at both the preventive (Massage Therapy to Keep You Healthy) and healing (Massage Therapy to Overcome Medical Conditions) powers of massage therapy. Today we’re examining

In part two of our series on the benefits of massage therapy, we take a look at the ways in which massages keep you healthy. As a refresher, we’re examining

Over the next several blogs we’ll be examining the benefits of an Almonte, Kanata, and Carleton Place Massage from several different perspectives: Massage Therapy to Overcome Medical Conditions Massage Therapy

One of Absolute’s most popular massages this time of the year in all of our locations (including Carleton Place, Almonte, Kanata, and Ottawa) are hot stone massages.  These massages not

It’s cold.  it is the type of cold that makes us question our choice of Carleton Place, Almonte, Kanata, or Ottawa as where we spend our winters. And with Ottawa’s